Red Ribbons


red-ribbonTo be completely honest, I really have not really thought about public health too deeply in the past. When thinking of public health in my mind, I can see headlines of Ebola infections and other malicious diseases affecting the people of this world. So to define public health, I would describe it as being aware of the plentiful diseases of the world around us. With the public having greater knowledge of the diseases that have the power to severely injure people, there should hopefully be a reduction in the number of people affected by these various diseases. To say it simply, with greater knowledge of these diseases and their associated prevention, the world would become a safer and healthier place.

For example, Red Ribbon Week would be a prime example of public health in my eyes. During Red Ribbon Week, there are various activities, speeches, and swag (you can never forget about the pencils!) which all promote the idea of not doing drugs. Although this may not be the severest of examples, I feel like it encompasses everything that public health, in my head, covers: the spreading of knowledge and the beginnings of prevention. Because institutions such as my elementary school implemented these ideas from such an earlier age, there is a greater chance for the presented concepts to actually be followed through which is ultimately the goal of those involved in public health. Within this Red Ribbon Week example, presenting the information about the egregious ramifications of using drugs at an early age acts as a deterrent for kids to use drugs in the future. By doing so, the institutions have disseminated knowledge and hopefully aided in the prevention of drug usage. This overall acts as something important as it is involved in trying to aid the welfare of the general public as a whole.

Another example of public health in the world is regarding the Zika virus. As many people now know, Zika is transmitted through mosquito bites which can turn out to become quite a problem for those who are pregnant. There is developing information about the spreading of Zika from mother to fetus while in the womb which creates various genetic defects. With the new knowledge of this disease, further information is being presented to the general public about the potential side effects and ways to hopefully prevent the transmission of the disease. And like Red Ribbon Week, people are sharing all known knowledge and the various ways of preventing the disease from being transmitted with the ultimate goal of eradicating diseases all together.


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