Blog Prompt for Week 3

For your blog prompt this week, describe and analyze your first trip to the archive at the McGovern Historical Center. Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What was the experience like visiting the archive?
  • What did you expect before visiting the archive? To what extent did your visit meet your expectations? How did your expectations shape your visit?
  • What did you find surprising, confusing, compelling, etc.? Why?
  • What did you learn about the archive, archival research, etc.?
  • What was your experience like handling archival materials?
    • Which items did you gravitate toward first? Why?
    • Which items did you find the most/least compelling? Why?
    • Which items seemed most accessible, and which items intimidated you the most? Why?

While not all of your project materials were available yesterday, reflect on the materials that were there and your experiences with them and the archive as a whole. Treat the above questions as prompts to jumpstart your thinking. You won’t be able to answer all of them in a coherent post. Finally, review the blog post guidelines to make sure that you understand my expectations before you start writing.

Happy blogging!


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