Blog Prompt for Week 4

For this week’s blog post, choose a passage (4–6 lines) from the reading for Tuesday, close read it, and try to make an argument about it. Think of this post as an opportunity for you to practice your close reading and writing skills in preparation for your close reading assignment due in two weeks (9/27).

Since I’m asking you to analyze a short passage, take the time to dig deep and pay attention to how the passage is saying what it is saying. Don’t merely summarize the passage or talk about the plot. Make an argument about the passage by picking apart the language, metaphors, imagery, tone, etc. Refer to the close reading handout if you need a refresher.

Some questions you may ask yourself are: What images/metaphors does the passage conjure up? What connotations does the language of the passage have? How does the syntax affect the pace and tone of the passage? What words/phrases are repeated, and what does their repetition convey? What is the relation between this passage and the text as a whole? Why is this particular passage significant?

Get creative with your close reading, and don’t be afraid to get deep into the passage and dissect its parts. There’s no such thing as being too close with your close reading!


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