Blog Prompt for Week 5

This week’s blog prompt is an extension of the question we discussed in class. For your post, consider the following questions: If you were a head of state in World War Z, how would you have voted during the Honolulu Conference? Why? What would you recommend as a plan of action to deal with the Zombie War?

Support your post with textual evidence from the reading for Thursday, but also feel free to reference other portions of the novel. Try to analyze your decision from multiple angles: ethical, tactical, social, political, environmental, etc. You can also think about what it means for the zombie epidemic to be framed as a “war,” indeed a “world war.” What determines a world war? If the basic definition of a war is an armed conflict between nation-states, what nation-state do the zombies represent, if any? Is the conflict with the zombies actually a war or is it something else? How does thinking about the zombie crisis as a war (as opposed to an epidemic, for example) change how we approach it? Alternatively, how does thinking about the zombie crisis as an epidemic change our understanding of the events of the novel?


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