Comparing Drug Addiction/Treatment in the Past and the Present

The Psychiatric Bulletin is a selection of various articles focusing upon different components of psychiatry which include but are not limited to thumbsucking, alcoholism, and drug abuse/addiction. For our particular project, we will be focusing on drug addiction and abuse in the 1960s and compare it to the present day.


To portray our project we will be creating a brochure and a short video presenting how drug abuse and treatment was like in the 1960s as well as comparing it to the present day. With the brochure, we would be able to highlight the cultural and social impact that drug addiction and abuse starting from the roots of addiction all the way to the treatment plans created by physicians in the 1960s. The Psychiatric Bulletin is interesting as it places more emphasis upon the social and cultural impact of diseases rather than solely the biological impact. Furthermore, we will also be creating a short video containing more information comparing drug addiction, abuse, and treatment from the 1960s to the present. This video would be able to be accessed virtually anymore with more ease so it could potentially reach a larger audience.


Ultimately, we hope to aim our research towards medical humanities researchers who are currently researching drug abuse, addiction, and treatment in the past and present. With the information that we present in our brochure and video, we hope that the researchers gain new knowledge about drug culture. And with this new knowledge, our group hopes that the researchers will be able to discover new trends and perspectives which will ultimately aid researchers to develop the best way to treat drug addiction in the present based upon our past actions.

However, to do this, more research will have to be conducted aside from our archival materials. We were planning on using resources at Fondren and other online scholarly articles to find more information published about drug addiction and treatment in more recent articles. Based upon the similarities and differences between the past and present, we will hopefully be able to provide more information about better ways of treatment in the present.


One thought on “Comparing Drug Addiction/Treatment in the Past and the Present

  1. Hi Emily,

    The Psychiatric Bulletin really caught my eye at the McGovern Center, and I think the angle you’re using to approach the archive—comparing drug addiction and abuse in the 1960s to the issues today—is intriguing. I also found the subject of your brochure to be very prevalent: studying the roots of drug addiction offers insight into the individual’s psyche, while also shedding light on how the person’s environment could have been conducive (ex. socioeconomic status).

    Drug addiction is often considered a taboo subject and is therefore internalized among many of those suffering from it. Thus, it’s important (as you pointed out) to “highlight the cultural and social impact” of drug addiction of abuse, beyond the biological ramifications. By looking for trends that span multiple decades, we can work with researchers and formulate a more specific, effective way of helping those who suffer from substance abuse.


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