Blog Prompt for Week 15

As I mentioned in class, your final blog post will be based on the discussion questions you formulated in your groups. Keep in mind that this post should be based on the reading due for next Tuesday (11/29). Also, don’t choose your own question–challenge yourself to answer another group’s question in order to expand your thinking on the novel.

Here are the prompts you guys came up with today:

  • What evidence in the novel points to how the children perpetuate the conformity of Hailsham? How do they prevent information from being revealed? What opportunities do they lose in the process?
  • What is art being used as evidence for?
  • Is ignorance bliss in Hailsham? Are the kids truly ignorant of their true identities? What role does ignorance play in the novel?
  • What does the novel suggest about seeking truth even if it may lead to discomfort?

Happy blogging and, more importantly, happy Thanksgiving!


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