About the Students

Snigdha B. is a freshman at Wiess and a California native. She is passionate about all things food, powderpuff, and social justice. You can find her in Houston’s typical storm-heat building 200-hour playlists, creating Spanish soap opera-watch parties (feel free to join!), or cleverly recreating Picasso’s work with pipe cleaners. Wave or join in for conversation, and you will surely not be disappointed!

Sarah E. is from Abilene, Texas and is a freshman at Wiess College. She is majoring in policy studies, but that is subject to change. She usually says she’s a rock climber, but in reality she goes rock climbing about once a year. Her favorite novel is The Catcher in the Rye.

Saad E. is from San Antonio, Texas and a freshman at Baker College. He loves cheering on the Spurs and running around Rice in the morning. His favorite beverage is hot chocolate, and he loves engaging in one-on-one conversations with others. One of his hobbies is Pokemon (and was even before Pokemon Go).

Ariana E. is a biochemistry major and freshman at Rice University. She is from Austin, Texas and one day hopes to become an orthodontist. In her free time, Ariana enjoys scuba diving, reading, and yoga.

Chenlin H. is a freshman at Lovett. She was born and raised in China, but she came to the U.S. for a better higher education and a global perspective. She has a dog named Jupiter, who she loves so much that she pets every puppy she sees at Rice. She hopes that she can enter the health profession someday, and she really looks forward to what Rice has to offer.

Hannah K. is from Cincinnati, Ohio and is a freshman at Duncan. She is currently figuring out her major within the social sciences department but loves learning about psychology and political science. You can find her shamelessly binge-watching Netflix, reading, and petting all the dogs in her vicinity.

Born in Houston, raised in Seoul, Korea, Debora K. is super eager to be back as a Sidizen. In her free time she’ll either be listening to music, trying to make the perfect playlist, or sleeping. When she’s not sleeping, Debora loves to watch soccer or talented singers perform on YouTube. She is also a huge foodie and would love to explore restaurants with anyone (if they don’t mind her taking photos constantly to send to family, that is).

Emily K. is an incoming McMurtry College freshman studying biochemistry and cell biology. Originally from California, she loves taking walks on the beach or sometimes even a run! In her free time, she spends multiple hours binging on Netflix, watching shows such as Criminal Minds and Arrow.

Hannah P. was born in Seoul, South Korea. She grew up in both Dallas, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Currently, she is a freshmen at Jones College studying biochemistry (pre-med). She enjoys swimming, playing violin or piano, watching Grey’s Anatomy, and sleeping. She is a member of Torque, the Rice Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team. She loves to try food from many different cultures. She loves spending quality time with her good friends and also enjoys meeting new people.

Eshaan P. is from Will Rice College and was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He enjoys learning about economics and medicine. He is a black belt in Kuksoolwon martial arts, and he enjoys playing basketball with friends, even though he is, at best, mediocre.

Kevin P. is a freshman from Wiess. His hometown is Gainesville (Gatornation), FL. He still does not know what he wants to major in, but he does want to become a cool doctor one day. He enjoys all activities related to dance and food and tends to spend far too much of his time watching YouTube videos related to such activities.

Hasan S. is a senior (Class of 2016) from Jones college, Rice University. He is a biosciences major pre-med. His interests include running, working out, and keeping current with world news. His favorite discussion topics include evolution, biology, and activism.

Hailing from the suburbs of sunny Southern California, Evelyn S. is now a proud member of Jones College. You’ll most likely find her doodling in her sketchbook, leafing through a novel, or perusing museums during her free time. She also loves animals—she has two dogs back at home! Ask her about them, and you’ll see pictures of them for sure.

Kaitlyn X. is a biochemistry major at Duncan College and grew up in Irvine, California. In her free time, she enjoys playing violin, learning foreign languages, and trying out new recipes.

David Y. is a freshman at Hanszen College. He hails from the North, and by that we mean so far up north it’s across the border. David was born in Ningbo, China and immigrated to Vancouver, Canada when he was seven years old. He loves playing the violin, shooting hoops with friends, and throwing frisbees around on the field. While David is a boba addict and faints at the sight of foie-gras, he will eat anything that’s edible … to a certain extent.

Erica Z. is a freshman at Will Rice College and likes watching Korean dramas, practicing yoga, and baking yummy desserts. If she is not doing these activities, she is probably napping. Her favorite movies of all time include Now You See Me, Aquamarine, and Lucy—three movies infamous for their low reviews but she still enjoys them very much.