What is Public Health?

For your primer (at least 300 words), answer the following questions: What is public health? Why is it important?

A primer is a short book introducing the basic principles of a particular subject. Usually, we use the word “primer” to refer to an elementary book that teaches children how to read. Given that, treat this primer assignment as an opportunity for you to teach me your definition of public health and your understanding of its significance. While I can’t check to make sure that you didn’t do any research before writing this assignment, I highly encourage you to curb that research impulse and take the time to think about what you already know. How do you define public health? What argument would you make about its significance? What examples of public health (from your own experience, from what you’ve learned from the news, etc.) illustrate your definition and your claim for its importance?

Bring a printed copy of your primer to class on Thursday. We’ll discuss all of your definitions then. Happy writing!